Acne Support

  • How long have you been an acne sufferer?


  • Have you tried different treatments?


  • Have you tried various products?


  • Does your acne affect your confidence and self-esteem?


I have had first-hand experience of this condition from teenage acne through into adult acne, and then the effects on my skin of using harsh products.  If you have suffered badly from acne for more than 2 years and you've got to the point where you don't know where to turn, I would like to help you.


Initially we'll have a talk on the phone when I'll ask you questions similar to those above.  Then I'll invite you in for a consultation.  If I agree to treat you, all treatments will be charged at a reduced rate.  You will need to use the advised homecare. 


Call me on 01932 352241 or e-mail me at