Instant Anti-Ageing Tips

Make-up does wonders for bringing out our best features and making us look, well younger. But if you can’t do magic with your brushes and powders, here are some simpler pick-me-ups for your face. 1. New hairstyle I love looking at before and after photos of makeovers and what interests me the most is how much the hair can age or rejuvenate the face. They say a fringe is an instant rejuvenator and, having tried both with and without, I would agree. 2. Good eyebrows Your eyebrows add definition to your face. It is often said that your brows frame your face like a picture and they do. If you are blessed with a good shape to your brows, you are so lucky, just do the maintenance. If you need

Top 10 Resolutions for Healthy Skin

1. Cleanse at the end of each day Some experts recommend you cleanse morning and evening but this depends on the condition of your skin and where you live. If you live in a tropical climate or your waking-up face is covered in sweat and oil then, by all means cleanse in the morning as well as evening. If you fall into neither of those categories, it is sufficient in the morning to wash your face in warm water, maybe a splash of toner or floral water (optional), then moisturise. What if I only want to cleanse in the morning? You spend your day living, so your skin will pick up dirt and grime and produce sweat, oil and dead skin cells. Just as you brush your teeth at night to remove food t

Benefits of Body Brushing

The best thing about body brushing is that it’s cheap. Once you’ve bought your brush, that’s it, you’re good to go! Why do we need to brush? The lymph system which runs alongside the blood circulatory system is like a bus network. It drops off healthy goodies, nutrients and oxygen which go to the cells and, in return, picks up all the trash that needs to be excreted out of the body. It’s a fabulous system but sometimes these buses get sluggish and just don’t move that well. What they need is something to kickstart their engines. This is what body brushing does. What sort of brush do I need? Unless your skin is fragile you need to choose a firm bristle brush for this. Choose one where y

Fat-Burning Diet Pills - Do They Work?

Do fat-busting diet pills work? Or are they too good to be true? Every so often, a major pharmaceutical company launches a new diet pill which claims to increase weight loss by burning fat. Some of these are available over the counter, so more accessible but generally less strong than their prescription counterparts. 1. In general, these work by inhibiting the digestion of fat - so rather than your body absorbing the fat, it is excreted out of your body. 2. Because fat is not being absorbed by your body, this creates a knock-on effect. It means fat soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids which are important for smooth skin, hormonal, mental and cardiovascular health are also not bei

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