Environ Revival Masque - The Reviews!

This breakthrough product was the brainchild of Dr Des Fernandes, creator of Environ skin care. He wanted to make something that was pretty excellent, ground-breaking, outstanding and, best of all, give results to those people who are serious about skincare. In his own words, this is a “face lift in a bottle”. Launched in November 2014, here is what the movers and shakers of the beauty world had to say about it. Grazia's Beauty Director, Liz Hambleton, writes a glowing review in her weekly blog about the Environ range after attendance of the Revival Masque press breakfast. "If i'm ever asked to recommend one product that will make the biggest difference to skin I always say the same thin

Smooth skin (not bumpy)

Summer months bring us out in fewer layers of clothing and it’s fairly common to see bumpy skin, especially on the upper arms and backs of thighs. This is a condition known as keratosis pilaris. It is those little goosebumps on the skin which don’t go away, sometimes accompanied with roughness and itchiness and, in some people the prominent follicles stand out red against the surrounding skin. This is a condition known as keratosis pilaris. It is often seen on upper arms, the backs of legs and buttocks but not confined to solely these areas. One easy and cheap solution is to body brush. Your circulatory and lymph systems circulate around the body taking oxygen and nutrients to cells and r

Dermal Rolling - Possible Reactions

Dermal rolling, micro needling or Roll-CIT, for was originally created by Dr Des Fernandes, the creator of Environ. The idea behind this was that in surgery, the needles made tiny holes in the skin, puncturing down through the layers. This ‘injury’ prompted the fibrolasts to start producing collagen which is the protein responsible for giving our skin the plumpness, softness and elasticity that we wish to maintain. The second benefit of the needling was to allow any ingredients that were applied to the skin to be absorbed in through the holes, so increasing their effectiveness. Dr Des later adjusted the model of the dermal needle for home use. This and the surgical model has since been

Are Needles the Key to Youthful Skin?

Created by Dr Des Fernandes, the founder of Environ, micro-needling has been a success story since its first official demonstration in 1996. The original Roll-Cit from Environ has been copied by various brands and given various names. These include skin needling, micro-needle therapy, dermaroller, dermal rolling, Percutaneous Collagen Induction and Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). They all use the method of micro needles stuck on a small roller. As it is rolled across the skin it creates tiny perforations. These puncture through the layers of skin and activate a healing response from the body to release growth factors which a) produce collagen which plumps the skin, b) produce elastin w

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