Smelly Natural Deodorants

Can you keep yourself smelling fresh, and using as few chemicals as possible? Summer is the time of year when we reach out for that familiar deodorant or anti-perspirant and feel relief when we’ve masked those body smells. We produce sweat from all the sweat glands covering our body but it’s mainly the sweat that comes from apocrine glands in our under-arms that worries us. The sweat itself does not smell. It is made up of water, salt, fats, proteins and waste acids. The bacteria that collects in the under-arm area breaks down the waste substances and body odour is produced. There’s no shortage of controversy and argument over the safety of deodorants and anti-perspirants. There have be

Can You Prevent Stretch Marks?

It must be frustrating when you slather your skin with wonderful ointments to make it soft and supple, while someone else declares they use nothing at all during their pregnancy. Then lo and behold, you get stretchmarks while they defiantly declare they have not a single mark! Being in the beauty industry, I hear this all the time. Or I hear that women swear by a certain oil or celebrity endorsed product. The cruel truth is that some people get stretchmarks and some don’t. It’s down to how much cortisone your body produces. Cortisone is a steroid hormone, produced by the adrenal glands when we are under stress. We also get it during hormonal changes to the body such as puberty. You may

Are Barbecues Healthy?

where muscle meats are concerned, cooking at high heats forms carcinogenic chemicals.

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