How Much Sugar is in Our Drinks?

Drinks can be deceptive, none more so than Long Island Iced Tea. I sipped this gently on a lovely summer holiday one year. It tasted like nothing more than a refreshing iced tea, so harmless that one drink led to two, then fast-tracked to four and more. They say errors are good because we learn something. That day, I definitely learned that you can’t judge a drink by how harmless it tastes. Water, it seems is out of fashion. My kids tell me they have friends who hate water, plain water that is. It has to be mixed with a flavour. Back in my day, and I go back a few years, there was just tea and coffee for adults, Ribena and the old-fashioned fizzy drinks like Coke, Fanta and lemonade f

Full Marks for Exfoliating Wash Cloths

Sometimes people must hate therapists like me when we bang on about how you must body brush and exfoliate every day. Especially when I confess how I go through phases of enthusiastic almost daily brushing followed by a long hiatus of nothing, nada, absolutely rien. So what do I do when I feel guilty about not following what I preach? I reach for my Japanese exfoliating wash cloth of course. In one brief sentence, the Japanese love their rituals on bathing and invented this wonderful exfoliating wash cloth which is now taking over the world (worldwide web that is). There are several reasons why it’s good. 1) It serves as a wash cloth come sponge come exfoliator all in one. 2) You only need

How to Treat Back Acne

Back acne, AKA Bacne is a major pain in the proverbials. It lives for the attention, a sore, red (or white) mass of spots that sprout in the hardest to reach places and then set up camp for months. Bacne is a major embarrassment, almost more so than face acne because you can’t actually see it close up yourself but everyone else can! Another trouble with having a spotty back is you have to remember to be really nice to your flatmate, partner or family. They are the ones who have to touch your back to apply treatment lotions. Alternatively, you learn to be really flexible. It’s tempting to want to scrub it all off like a man/woman possessed. Most times, you break open the spot, spread th

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