3 Ways to Use Up Double Cream

For years post Christmas and post Easter I’ve been to the shops where they have a glut of cream and they reduce them to silly prices. Well, I always buy them because I’ve found clever ways to use up loads of double cream. #1 CHOCOLATE GANACHE As you are going to bring the cream to the boil, if it is past its sell by date but still smells fresh, you’ll be all right to use it. Basically, use equal amounts of chocolate to cream. I have used milk chocolate as well and it still works though not as chocolatey. 300ml / ½ pint double cream 300g plain chocolate Break up the chocolate. Bring the cream to the boil. Let it boil for 2 minutes. Tip in the broken chocolate pieces. Turn off the heat

Is Your Facial Scrub Polluting Our Seas

In June 2014, Illinois became the first state in US to ban the manufacture and use of microbeads in personal care products. The tiny plastic microbeads do not degrade and are so small they are not filtered out through waste water treatment plants. Instead they make their way into seas and rivers and have been found in the Great Lakes in US. Plastics come from oil and the smaller the beads, the greater the surface area to volume ratio. Therefore, these attract and absorb toxic chemicals in the water and, because they look like food, they are eaten by fish and marine wildlife. They cause damage to the animals as they are ingested and can transfer their chemicals to them. Eventually, these

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