B is for Alzheimers

Several years ago, news came out that taking B12 could help slow down or prevent cognitive decline and, in particular, Alzheimer’s. Since then, B vitamins have taken centre stage in the (supplemental) fight against this condition. An article by medical journalist Jerome Burne is, in my opinion, the best at explaining where B vitamins stand. It’s worth reading the article he wrote for the Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2327993/Should-taking-vitamin-B-protect-Alzheimers.html. Even more interesting is Jerome’s blog on the bits that were left out of the above article. To put in a nutshell, a 2-year trial of patients on high dosage B12 showed significant drop in brain sh

Chocolate's Good For You

When news journalists report that the chocolate recipe on Creme Eggs has changed, and that Dairy Milk bars now have rounded corners, it's proof that in the UK, we do love our chocolate. Apart from having the power to make you feel good (or guilty) chocolate does have some benefits. Flavanols found in cacao are a type of flavanoid that have antioxidant effects and, in particular, can help increase blood flow. Other types of flavanoids are found in fruit, vegetables and certain drinks like red wine and green tea. * Research continues to prove that the rich flavanol content of the cocoa bean can be beneficial, for example, it can significantly improve cardiovascular health (Science Daily US).

10 Lifestyle Changes (For the Soul)

It’s far harder to change a habit than to stick with it so just make 1 change at a time. Rush to make too many changes at once and you cause yourself more stress and anxiety. So change just one thing first. Be grateful. It is said that the act of saying ‘thank you’ encourages positive feelings, well-being and boosts your mood. Make this fit in with your life. You can be grateful once a day, once a week or once a fortnight, then do it regularly and it becomes a habit. And don't forget the old-fashioned thank you card or its modern guises (e-card or text) when thanking someone will brighten their day. Set aside time for yourself. Stress causes many disorders, among them ageing. Just gi

Sun Exposure or How to Stay Safe In the Sun

We are learning more about the damaging effects of UV light on the skin but in the UK it still doesn’t stop our enthusiasm for bronzing ourselves as soon as the summer comes. Even if we don’t sunbathe, we should still be aware of sun aware. Consider driving: the side of you that is nearer the window absorbs UV light. In America, they found that drivers who regularly drove in the car had more UV damage on their left arms than their right. Leading skin experts state that the natural human ageing process results in about 5-10% of the visible signs of ageing. The other 90-95%, including lines and wrinkles is caused by sun damage. Quite a shocking statistic! However, we seem to be bombarded w

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