Woman getting a head massage at a spa

Sculpting Facial

As we age, our skeletal and muscular framework changes.  Due to repetitive habits, posture, lifestyle and diet our faces change.  This can show as stretched skin, extra fat, less suppleness, loss of glow and colour.

The sculpting facial massage aims to wake up the blood circulation, stimulate lymph drainage and naturally help to plump out the skin.  I use a selection of

- deep tissue massage

- myofascial release techniques

- scalp massage

- intra-oral massage

- vacuum cupping to encourage lymph drainage

As this is a bespoke facial, I incorporate the essential techniques suitable for you within the session time.  I use deep massage strokes and, as a standalone massage facial, this is perfect for you if you love an invigorating facial!

Sculpting Facial

1hr    £55
1.5hr £70