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Oralift Woking


Dubbed the "dental facelift", Oralift is an oral device which gives you a more youthful and relaxed version of yourself. 

Ageing is not just the skin and wrinkles.  It's muscles, it's bone structure, it's connective tissue.  You can have fantastic skin at 50 but does the shape of your face give away your age? Perhaps your cheekbones have flattened, your fat has moved, your jawline has changed. Every emotion - anger, worry, suppressed feeling - is repeated and drawn into your muscle, then etched into your face.

How does Oralift work?

It helps to lengthen and relax your muscles.  It kickstarts production of collagen fibres.  It stimulates growth factors which repair muscle fibres.

Is this a treatment?

It's a protocol you follow at home after fitting.

What actually is Oralift?

It looks like a mouthguard that fits over your lower teeth... but it is so much more.

How often do you use it?

Typically, for the 1st 4 months you wear it every 3rd day for a short period of time.  Thereafter you wear it during 2 months with a 4 month break.

How quickly will I see results?

Everyone is different.  Some individuals see results within weeks, others over a period of years.  They say some of the best results are seen after 2 years.

What age can I start this?

Any age over 18 years.  I wish I had known about this when I was in my 30s; I would have used it to slow down ageing.

What is the online support service?

When you purchase Oralift, you will have access to the app, videos and instructions, access to the Facebook group and support over Zoom.  You can book online support 1-to-1 where you will be taken through fitting and wearing the device. 

How much is Oralift?

Purchase with a discount when using using this link (UK site).


Optional, but I strongly recommend TMJ treatment or my facial massage alongside using the Oralift.  The fascial and contouring techniques I use help to release tension and stiffness in the muscles of the face, jaw and neck, which is what you are aiming for when using the Oralift.

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