Mineral Lip Exfoliator

At any given time of year, usually cold winter and dry hayfever seasons, I have to do something rather messy to protect and soften my lips, otherwise I tend to get that build-up of unsightly flaky skin, the sort you're tempted to peel off with your fingers.

1) Grab an old soft toothbrush and rub against lips;

2) Mix olive oil with granulated sugar and rub against lips.

The first doesn't feel that nice, the second requires a cleaning-up job.

Enter the mineral lip exfoliator from Colorescience. A cross between the 2 methods detailed above but with just that bit more gloss and high-tech!

  • Powerful beta carotene is combined with exfoliating extracts to give that polished look.

  • It conditions and nourishes to keep your lips healthy.

  • It removes left over lip colour.

  • A treatment for chapped or torn skin on the lips.

  • Exfoliating.

Just rub the saturated oil onto your lips, rub in with fingers (optional) then wipe off. Apply lip balm. RRP for the Mineral Lip Exfoliator is £10.

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