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Join me for your virtual facial.  My specialty is facial massage.  In my salon treatments I use an armoury of techniques that include Swedish massage, fascial release, facial contouring with microcurrent, acupressure, gua sha and Dien Chan facial reflexology.

Within this group, I will give minimum two 45-minute facial classes every month and I may drop in with a microcurrent or a "How To" class plus hints and tips on body maintenance.  I am a massage therapist after all!

As a bonus, you get access to me on a live 1-2-1 session every 4 months.  What do you want to achieve in that session?

Facial group classes will run Monday or Tuesday at 8pm.  Recordings will be saved to the members' page.

£25 a month or £15 for one class.

Questions & Answers

What 's so good about a virtual facial?

You can be anywhere (home, office, hotel, garden). I don't care what clothes you wear or the state of your hair.

Will I get the same benefits as an in-person facial?

If you compare this to a regular monthly massage facial with me, then no. However, if you cannot come to see me every month, this is your next best thing. With regular on-line sessions and with practice, your techniques will get better and you will see and feel improvements to your face.

I can get this free from a youtuber, why should I come to yours?

Before you start you must complete a consultation form which tells me your skincare maintenance and your concerns. From this, I am able to tailor the sessions. These are live classes so I can go over problem areas and offer correction. The 1-2-1 bonus session will also allow you to have a completely bespoke class for you.

What do you teach in a class?

What I teach will be mainly based on fascial release. Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles, organs, tendons, cells and bones in your body. Working very light touch on the fascia promotes longer lasting results, better plumpness and elasticity over the long term.

Will my skin change?

For most people, the skin feels dry at first but within a few weeks of practising this, your moisture balance will improve because fascia work helps to increase the hyaluronic acid content in your skin. This is the component which attracts and retains water.  It's included in many skin creams but with this massage, we're doing this from the inside out.

What if I can't make the live sessions?

I will store the recordings on the members' page for a limited time so you can catch up. The video recordings will not stay for more than a few months otherwise if you keep putting it off, you could end up with 20 videos to watch and follow. Would you?

What tools do I need?

Your hands. Sometimes I will use a gua sha or an Anma (facial massage tool) but I will provide alternative suggestions. I will dedicate extra classes to home microcurrent facials. If you have a home microcurrent device in your cupboard, dig it out! If you want to buy one, e-mail me.

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