3 Unhealthy Combinations to Avoid

July 4, 2016


How many of us pop into a coffee shop and grab a coffee and a croissant, a Danish or a pastry? According to Patrick Holford, coffee with a sweet carbohydrate treat makes a lethal combination to our blood sugar.  A carb snack on its own will contribute to blood sugar levels.  But take it together with your morning coffee and your blood sugar levels can be trebled!


2)         SUNBATHE & SMOKE

Smoking increases the free radicals in your body.  Simply put, these are unstable molecules which bombard your cells in a way they shouldn't, eventually leading to cell damage and skin damage.  Sun exposure also causes free radicals with UV damage from the sun contributing more to ageing than genetics. 


Imagine sitting outside on a hot summer’s day while gently puffing away on a cigarette.  The damage to your skin is not just smoking and sunbathing combined to make double.  It’s 4 times the damage from UV alone and 4 times the number of free radical hits on your body.



Taking caffeine drinks such as tea and coffee hinders absorption of iron.  If you’re not iron deficient, your body probably has no problems absorbing the iron from your food.  However, if you are anaemic, the tannates in tea will hinder absorption of iron by up to 87%.  Coffee can also hinder iron absorption by up to 39% (Dr Oz).  Likewise, the same with green tea. 


The recommendation is to allow an hour after your meal when your body would have taken in whatever iron it can, before having a tea.



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