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Fairy Lights

About Me

My skill is to give results using the healing energy of my hands.  I combine this with advanced technology if appropriate.  I give a tailored service to every facial and massage session because no two individuals are alike, no two skins are the same.  My aim is to give you the skin results you want for the present, and for the next 20, 30 and plus years.  The aim of everything I do is to give you a better and more youthful version of yourself. 


My specialist areas are facial massage, intra-oral, fascial work and advanced skin treatments.  I am qualified in myofascial release (MFR) and have a TMJ level 3 diploma as well as a diploma in NeuroSkeletal Realignment Therapy (NSRT).

I have trained with Jing, Blend Therapy, Dermal Institute Advanced training, Environ, Dr Carl Thornfeldt and Complementary Health Professionals.  I have been impassioned by Gerry Pyves and Jane Scriver, and had specialist training with Florence Barratt-Hill, Emma Hardie, Ruth Minoletti (Inner Dynamics) and Caroline Josling (Rejuvanessence).

OUT OF INTEREST... I support ethical and fairly traded companies, animal sanctuaries and guinea pig rescues. I am a very bad knitter, sewer, amateur baker and jam maker.


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