bespoke facial Woking Surrey

Advanced Facials

All my facials are bespoke and tailored to each person.  Each time you come, I can include any of these options depending on your preference and what we decide your skin needs.

Environ - Iontophoresis + soundwaves to deliver a focussed dose of actives and vitamins into the skin - effectively like mesotherapy without the needles.

CACI - very low level microcurrent that regenerates cell healing and rejuvenation and effectively tones muscles

Microcurrent with Neurotris SX3800 - can take on even the most challenging ageing skin conditions

Radio Frequency - heating the lower levels of the skin stimulates production of collagen and elastin, so temporarily tightening and smoothing the skin

Omnilux LED - phototherapy that heals and repairs tissue and increases collagen production

Holistic Facial massage - Facial Energy Release, Fascial Contouring Massage fascial facial and intra-oral work, Japanese Lifting Facial, acupressure and gua sha

Masks - enzyme peel, botanical peel, Terra Sana healing earth mask, sheet mask infused with fresh cocktail of actives, algae mask

What can I pack into your treatment? Give me your time and together we'll get results.

Please view Photos for before & after results.

Bespoke Facial 1 hr £55

Bespoke Facial 1.5 hr £70

Bespoke Facial 2 hrs £85