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Microneedling with


Microneedling pen is one of the most effective ways to activate new collagen and elastin production that does not ablate the skin.  This is an advanced aesthetic treatment which improves the appearance of fine lines, skin texture, acne scars and stretchmarks. 


This electronic microneedling uses very fine needles to make tiny injuries in the skin.  These controlled wounds cause the skin to produce new collagen and elastin, plus release growth factors which initiate the natural rejuvenation process. 


The 1000s of tiny micro-holes that are created allow topical serums to enter and travel to the deeper layers of the skin.

Read this article on the benefits of skin needling.​

from £140 (90-120 mins)
Includes Post Recovery Skin Kit Single treatment £175

- Why Collagen P.I.N.?

The Collagen P.I.N. is a European and FDA cleared medical device, it is more comfortable and effective than dermal rollers and causes less damage than ablative rejuvenation treatments. 


- What can it treat?

Fine lines, sun damage, acne scars, uneven skin texture and pigmentation, stretchmarks.

- What's included in the session?

Topical numbing cream

Needling with the automated pen

Environ Ionzyme facial to infuse hyaluronic acid and vitamins into the skin

Mask to lock in moisture

Dermalux LED photo therapy

Post-recovery skin kit

- Does this hurt?

I apply a numbing cream and most people feel little to no discomfort.

- Is there downtime?

Skin will appear flushed and feel sensitive and warm after treatment, typically recovering within 1-3 days. 

- What happens post treatment?

You are given a take-home kit worth £70.  You use this to help speed recovery and regeneration of the skin.

- How much is this?

A course of 3 works out at £140 per treatment, 4-6 weeks apart, PAYG. 

Stretchmarks will require typically 6 sessions. 

A single treatment is £175.  Treatment includes homecare kit.

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