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What People Say

Microcurrent non-surgical facelift
Facial Massage Woking

"I decided to give CACI treatments a try, mainly because of increased jowl lines and eye wrinkles and CACI is non-invasive. Doreen is very expert with the machine and probes and kept me informed of what she was doing, as well as checking I was comfortable. My skin has really improved and is in good condition! Eye wrinkles have definitely improved with less sagging of the skin around the jaw/neck area. I am continuing with regular facials and would recommend CACI!

Liz Farmer, Leader, Appreciated mother of 3 (Weybridge)

I recently realised that my face was dropping even though my skin was good. Doreen had just purchased a pain free CACI machine so I was looking for it to pull it back into shape. Although not dramatic but I found that my cheeks had contours again and general skin condition was more elastic. A friend also noticed with no prior knowledge and thought my face looked slimmer so my secret was out.

K. Benson, Administrator (Chobham)

"I had previously suffered with acne on my chest and back. Under supervision of a dermatologist I had completed a 6-month course of Roaccutane and the condition cleared. Recently, spots began to re-appear and I was concerned I would have to take another course of Roaccutane so I consulted Doreen and she recommended I try Epionce Lytic Tx formula. The spots diminished over the course of a month with daily application and have been kept at bay with occasional applications. Doreen gave me detailed guidance beforehand and contacted me after the 1st week to check progress. I recommend this for moderate to severe acne as a low-cost, non-aggressive solution with no unpleasant odour or 'bleaching' side-effects."

K. Tatlock, Personal Assistant (London)


"Prior to meeting Doreen I had been suffering from adult acne for many years. It had taken quite a toll on my confidence, I had honestly given up hope of ever getting rid of it. I think one of Doreen's greatest strengths is her empathy. She herself has battled with acne so she knows how painful this can be, both physically and emotionally. She knew exactly how to tackle my acne problem. A year on, my acne has now cleared and my confidence is through the roof. What makes Doreen so good is her obvious passion for gaining new knowledge in the skincare field, she is constantly going on courses and is a minefield of information. I am very glad I found Doreen, I cannot recommend her highly enough." Sue Jones, Accounts Payable Supervisor (Chertsey)


"I’ve suffered from adult acne for 10 years and gone through various skincare regimes, from natural and botanical, to cheap commercial brands, through to even expensive formulas: Clearisil to Clinique. It was a lot of effort that gave disappointing results and sometimes worse skin. After 2 months of using Environ, my skin is clearer, smoother and more radiant. It’s an easy routine, it leaves me feeling refreshed, very clean and supple, with no dryness or tightness. I have more confidence than before and am also wearing less make-up as I don’t need to cover up. The Acne peels I have with Doreen are relaxing and cleansing, leaving my skin feeling soft and not dry. A welcome surprise was seeing that some of my fine lines were softened!"

A.Bill, NHS Manager (West Byfleet)

Facial Massage Woking

"I have been going to Doreen for nearly two years now and I am very glad that I found her! I had really awful acne when I first started going to see her and Doreen has helped to get it under control. I found her to be very compassionate and caring, and from my very first treatment she showed such confidence in her own ability to be able to get the acne under control, that I knew I was in safe hands.

She is very passionate about what she does (she even sends all her clients newsletters keeping us up to date with all the latest news in health and beauty) and she only works with the best skincare products (Environ and Epionce are the best in their field) and is always looking to improve her expertise by going on the latest courses so that she is aware of all the newest treatments and techniques.

Doreen is very talent and is an excellent therapist who makes you feel at ease straight away. I can't recommend her enough."

Santi, (Surrey)


"I had complained that my skin was always so dry during the winter so Doreen recommended I use a Dermaviduals bespoke serum that she made for me. After applying the serum I could instantly see a difference and the dryness cleared up straight away. Even my husband noticed!"

Alice Pollard, Teacher (Twickenham)


After Tsuboki Japanese face massage: " a friend of mine who I saw later that day said how radiant my skin looked and asked what I had done, which was a lovely compliment.. looking in the mirror I have to say I look less tired and my skin tone looks more even."

Michele Oliver, surgery nurse (Byfleet)


"So my friend is over and out of the blue she says "have you done something different to your face!?" and I said - in true Georgina fashion - "oh must be my make up" and she's like no it is something else like it's lifted and looks very rested.  And you know I have not had good rest all week given my stress hell.  So I told her ALL about your magical facial and she wants one!!  I'm convinced."

Georgina, marketing consultant (Surrey)

Stretch Marks
Massage Woking

"I have stretch marks on the tops of my thighs and hips [from 15 years ago].  Dermal rolling has definitely faded them considerably.  Doreen gave very detailed advice and support, both verbally and in writing (the latter is essential for referring back during home treatment).   Doreen points out that this treatment is not for those wanting a quick solution.  The more dedication you can give, the better the results."

K.T., Assistant (London)

"I highly recommend Doreen's massages as her skill and technique, in my opinion, is the very best, no other compares. I suffer from back and neck pain and after massages with Doreen I experience instant relief. Doreen is very professional, kind and has a great attention to detail. Her ability to pinpoint areas in need of work is incredible along with her ability of releasing deep muscle. Doreen truly cares about her clients and knows what technique to use to bring out the best results." D.Donovan, Marketing Manager (Walton, Surrey)


"I have been looking for someone fairly close by to where I live for some time now, I came across Doreen, via a websearch and am glad I found her. I have never been to anyone like her before. I suffer from a stiff shoulder and back. She uses so much energy and also gives you lots of tips and advise to help prevent more pain.

I would definitely be going back to her for more treatments soon."

RS, (Byfleet, Surrey)


I have been going to Doreen for many years, the first time with chronic back pain which was sorted in a very quick time.  I continue to go now for relaxing massage.  I do not believe you will find a better person to see, whether for pain relief or relaxation.

NickW, sales manager (Byfleet)


"Doreen has several really effective techniques at her finger tips. I have found that she has been able to relieve the back and shoulder pain I have experienced over months in just one treatment. She is worth every penny spent and her diversity of knowledge, experience and caring attitude make for a heavenly treatment."

Clare Zeevi, Lecturer (Wales)


"Since receiving treatment from Doreen I realised that ongoing pain from injuries can be relieved. I have a terrible back/neck/shoulder pain due to an old injury, at times it's been unbearable. I had so many physio sessions etc which didn't relieve any of the discomfort and terrible pain. However Doreen was really an amazing find - I was thrilled to know there was some sort of 'pain relief' by way of her amazing massage technique, and being able to understand me as a person, having listened to me. Doreen's massages are what massages ought to be. She also talks a lot of sense, and having worked in a stressful office environment she understands the strains we all put our bodies through. I cannot praise Doreen enough, nor can I recommend her enough. Thank you Doreen for all you have done for me."

Carole Burns, Office/HR manager (Weybridge)


"Doreen's LaStone Massage is truly amazing as I felt cocooned with the Hot Stones and exhilirated with the cold ones; the combination resulted in a truly relaxing experience. Having had treatments in various top Spas in India, China and the UK I can honestly say this addition to Doreen's treatments was fantastic and would recommend without hesitation."

Linda T, Teacher (Walton).

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