TMJ Therapy Woking

TMJ / TMD  Therapy


- Pain in jaw, face, neck or shoulder
- Headaches or migraines
- Bruxism, grinding or clenching
- Popping or clicking of the jaw
- Locking of the jaw
- Tinnitus
- Twitching muscles in the face
- Difficulty opening the mouth
- Earache, fuzzy or blocked ear
- Dizziness, vertigo

If you have any of these symptoms, I can help you.

Many people who suffer the pain and discomfort of TMJ live with it, or undergo dental surgery.  I use protocols learned from the Blend TMJ Therapy®, created by Tracey Kiernan of Blend Therapy Training.  TMJ = temporamandibular joint disorder.

- How does this differ from other TMJ methods?
It is a highly effective and gentle method that gives you relief from your symptoms of jaw pain, face pain, TMJ.

- How many sessions do I need in clinic?
This depends on the severity of your symptoms and your progress. 
Most people find pain relief within 3 sessions when they attend regularly.
You remain fully clothed throughout.  Many people find the treatment very relaxing and fall asleep.


TMJ Therapy
1.5 hr £70

TMJ Woking Surrey