TMJ / TMD  Therapy

Temporamandibular joint disorder is a condition which includes but is not limited to the

following symptoms

- pain in jaw, face, neck or shoulder

- headaches

- popping or clicking of the jaw

- locking of the jaw

- tinnitus

- twitching muscles in the face

- difficulty opening the mouth

The most common causes include but are not limited to

- clenching or grinding (bruxism)

- poor bite alignment

- trauma or injury to the head/neck/jaw

- excessive chewing

The usual options for people who suffer the pain and discomfort of TMJ are to live with it or undergo dental surgery.  I use protocols learned from the Blend TMJ Therapy®, created by Tracey Kiernan of Blend Therapy Training.

How does this differ from other TMJ methods?

Blend TMJ Therapy® can be delivered online or in clinic.  See for online course.

It is a highly effective and gentle method that gives you relief from your pain symptoms.

How many sessions do I need in clinic?

This depends on the severity of your symptoms and your progress.  Typically I advise approximately 6 x 1.5hr sessions.

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