Facial Energy Release

A natural facelift massage that is like an angel's touch, which leaves you with enhanced skin tone and elasticity as it peels away the emotional tension held in your face.  A natural way to combat ageing.

"This technique unblocks emotional tension that the face holds on to for far too long.   I have been converted from a sceptic to a believer from my own observation which was qualified by a couple friends who had no idea I was getting this facial.   It's a way to get your face back to its natural shape.


'Surprised that something so simple would actually do anything."

Georgina H, consultant, Weybridge.

"I didn’t realise how much tension I carry in my face, and I hadn’t even noticed that sometimes I clench so it was very beneficial to have the fully engaging muscle work done around my face, scalp and neck.  It was so calming and soothing and great to know I was in Doreen’s hands!

'This reaches so much more than a “normal” facial would."

​Lucy M, Manager, Guildford.

Bespoke Facial
1hr    £55
1.5hr £70

Read more on why this facial works.

"Since completing the course of facials my skin is more even in tone, appearing softer and more hydrated.  Other people have noticed my skin improvement particularly when I had treatment on my chin and neck areas.  Very relaxing and gentle but very effective in achieving results."

J.Barr, London

"My face looked plumper which was exciting! It does not feel intrusive at all, but can have very powerful results.

'I always liked looking at my face in the car mirror on my way home as my face looked plumper which was exciting!"

Lauren S, massage therapist, London.

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