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Which is the best facial massage for me?

Facial massage is deliberate and mindful. It relieves muscle tension, encourages lymph drainage and reduces inflammation. Using fascial techniques increases the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Here are the different facial massages I use in my treatments. All massages can be 1 hour or 1½ hours long, or I may incorporate a shortened version if you’re having an electrical facial.

facial massage

Blend Fascial Facial

This is done on cleansed dry skin. It aims to address adhesions in superficial to deep fascia, so the movements range from slow and deep to light touch. Releasing fascial tissue that has become "stuck" activates hydration and encourages collagen and elastin production. This facial can include intra-oral technique, but not always, as the skin massage does a good job to release tension around the jaw and mouth.

Facial Contouring Massage

This is like the Fascial Facial but much more gentle and hypnotic. There is more emphasis on working the neck and décolleté as these are the areas that can pull down your face as you age. This is done on cleansed dry skin and it’s really good to stimulate cellular activity right before microcurrent.

Japanese Lifting Facial

I do this with oil and I often adapt the routine depending on how I find the state of your muscles. This is like having a traditional Swedish massage but for the face. Acupressure, scalp massage and intra-oral work can be included as required.

Sculpting Facial

This is based on Facial Modelling techniques. Done on cleansed dry skin, this is an intense workout for the face, neck and scalp area, much like a deep tissue massage but for the face. It can sometimes be painful in areas where you have muscle or fascial restrictions so you need to communicate with me during the session. Facial cupping and intra-oral work can be included.

Facial Energy Release

Originally called Rejuvanessence, this is a very light touch facial massage done on cleansed skin with little oil. It is ideal for those who have had facial procedures, Botox, dermal fillers, or who are extremely tight and stressed. Sometimes, facial surgery or fillers can create pockets of restricted blood flow and even discomfort. Working on the connective tissue, this massage is so light that it can feel as though nothing is happening. Don’t let that put you off. The most gentle touch can have the greatest effect.

Gua sha Facial

My style of using gua sha is to gently increase lymph drainage, decongest and to relax you, less so to break down restrictions as I prefer to do the latter with my hands. After a gua sha treatment, you can sometimes feel light side effects such as a headache or cold symptoms, all due to toxins being removed from your body.

Facial reflexology or Dien Chan

Based on the Dien Chan method from Italy, I use facial reflexology primarily to relieve anxiety and stress. It is ideal to be combined with any facial massage, it is gentle and slow and the results are such.

A word on intra-oral massage

Buccal massage, as it is widely known, has become a buzzword in facials. It has been lauded by celebrities and popularised on social media and daytime TV.

I have been practising intra-oral massage for 8 years and my aim is to release tension on the inner muscles and tissue of the face by relaxing, relieving, holding and very gently stretching. Some areas inside the mouth can be tender and sensitive so I always proceed with caution. This is not a massage done with vigour and speed.

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