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When your body is out of balance, or your emotions and stress have taken over your life, facial reflexology offers a gentle and non-invasive way to treat the ailments.  I also give you instruction on how to continue this treatment on yourself at home.

I use Dien Chan Zone, originally from Vietnam and brought to the West via Italy.


1hr £55

I have recently enjoyed some sessions of facial reflexology, which is another fantastic treatment.  Facial reflexology is not only extremely relaxing, but you can almost feel the lines on your face melting away with any stress that you might be experiencing at the time, leaving you with an immense feeling of wellbeing.


I usually have problems sleeping,  but after Facial Reflexology I sleep uninterrupted, waking to feel rested and refreshed.

Gillian W, HR Manager, Guildford

When I was suffering quite badly with the menopause a friend of mine suggested I tried facial reflexology as she thought it may help with the symptoms and I have to say I haven’t looked back.  I could almost feel the stress, tension and anxiety melt away.  Of course it took time, but the headaches gradually eased and although I was only getting a couple of hours sleep a night, it turned into quality sleep, especially following treatment.  This in turn helped immensely. 


If you want to try facial reflexology treatment but are unsure I would say give it a go, I definitely believe it has helped me! 

Georgina W, PA, Chertsey