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Gua Sha Facial

Gua sha was traditionally used in Chinese medicine to scrape away fever, illness and inflammation from the body, to release pain and to strengthen the immune system. 


With the gua sha stone, you are physically moving the blood.  When there is lack of movement, there is no flow so blood gets trapped in the spaces under the skin.  These stagnated areas collect toxins, like a still pool of water that does not move.


Gua means scrape, sha is the result which is the redness.  The smooth scraping invigorates blood flow, removes stagnation and brings in more nutrients and oxygen.  The redness can appear as a result of encouraging lymph drainage and removing toxins, however, this is less common on the face. 


I combine the gua sha with facial cupping using either glass or vacuum cups and there will be some facial massage. 


As a result of increased circulation and lymph flow, you may feel side effects such as tiredness, headache, congested like a cold is coming.  Gentle movement, hydrating,  avoiding physical exertion is advised.

Which facial massage is best for me?

Gua Sha Facial

1hr    £65
1.5hr £85

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