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Head Massage

Japanese Lifting Facial

I am a specialist in facial massage and I bring to you the transformative power of touch.  I incorporate most, not all, of the following techniques into my facials, depending on what is needed.

- fascial work

- Deep tissue massage

- Japanese lifting

- Intra-oral work (buccal)

- Acupressure

- Gua Sha

- Lymph drainage

Immerse yourself in a releasing and restorative massage facial. 

Only the 1½ hour facial includes the intra-oral massage. 

Which facial massage is best for me?

Bespoke Facial

1hr    £65
1.5hr £85

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"I have been having a regular Japanese facial with Doreen for several months now and my skin and I feel the benefit.  My skin had been looking dull and tired. 


The main advantage of a Japanese facial for me is the massage.  Apart from the initial cleanse, the emphasis is on a shoulder, neck and facial massage. Doreen’s expert technique results in my skin looking radiant and plumped and I feel completely relaxed. I look forward to my facials every 3 weeks and cannot recommend Doreen enough."

"A friend of mine who I saw later that day said how radiant my skin looked and asked what I had done, which was a lovely compliment.. looking in the mirror I have to say I look less tired and my skin tone looks more even."

"I recently enjoyed a number of Doreen's Japanese lifting, facial massages. This skin invigorating massage begins in the neck area and sets a relaxing tone for the facial. I could have stayed longer! The effects were immediately noticeable after the treatment with a more plumped out and smooth feel to my skin around my mouth, cheeks and eyes which lasted a number of days, so very pleased with the results. Highly recommended!"

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