Microcurrent facial CACI Woking

Caci - Advanced Microcurrent moves on


I am excited to be one of a select number of exclusive salons in the UK to offer you the Neurotris next generation microcurrent facial.


The SX3800 is a premiere facial system with 2nd generation microcurrent technology.  The power in this machine is not matched in any other machine on the market.  It can treat from early signs of premature ageing to the most challenging skin types; tone and tighten facial muscles for clients who have deep wrinkles and severe skin laxity; help address sagging in the nasal labial fold and improve the appearance of loose skin on the neck.

The results of having this dynamic microcurrent treatment are improved oxygenation and hydration which means brighter skin that glows and a renewed fullness.


Dubbed by Madonna as the fork facial, this is Neurotris’s 4 channel prong.  1st generation machines have a 4 prong device but only 1 channel - that’s like 1 lane on the motorway.  With the Neurotris, you have 4 prongs, each with their own channel, that’s 4 concurrent lanes on the motorway.  That’s 4 times greater surface area conduction and 8 times better result.

CACI microcurrent facial Woking
Beauty therapy Woking

1st generation
microcurrent (e.g. CACI)

Static machine lengthens and shortens the muscles

Fixed power setting so results not consistent

Cannot counter impedance

Quad probes with 1 channel, so 1 signal shared

Microcurrent not patented


2nd generation microcurrent (Neurotris)

Dynamic, greater signal therefore can help the most challenging skins

Power output adjusted as needed, optimum results every time

Senses impedance and adjusts power

Quad probes with 4 channels, more surface area conduction

Patented.  Unique to Neurotris.


​For the best and longer lasting results, a course of 10 facials is recommended, followed by monthly maintenance facials.