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The Best Non-Surgical Facelift

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Microcurrent is great for helping to tone and tighten skin but there comes a point where your skin is looser, you've noticed a bit more jowl and cheek and you need to reach for the big guns. Here it is!

I used CACI Ultimate for 7 years very happily. As part of my beauty research, I decided to get myself a machine for the home user. Normally, machines built for home use don't give you the results of a salon facial but, to my surprise and used a bit more regularly, this gave me the equivalent results that I would get with my professional machine. I was blown away! If these are the results I get with the miniature home device, what will the company's professional machine do? After a year of testing and research, I am the very proud owner of a Neurotris SX3800.

Called dynamic microcurrent or 2nd generation microcurrent, this gives you more bang for your money. In the USA, Neurotris is the #1 leader for professional microcurrent machines used for anti-aging. They outperform all other systems on the market.

What can it target?

  • those wrinkles between your brows

  • crow's feet

  • sagging of the mid-face

  • increased folds in the nasal-labial area or marionette lines

  • those neck lines that later become "turkey neck"

  • crepey lines on the decollete

How does it work?

Microcurrent helps your cells create more energy so you get better tone in your muscles and skin, more collagen and elastin produced. Your skin is better oxygenated as blood and lymphatic flow is improved.

Why does this work better than other microcurrent models?

Skin forms a great resistance to microcurrent. We call this impedance and, depending on your lifestyle, your diet, how much water you've drunk, your impedance will change. 1st generation machines output one signal which cannot take into account your skin's impedance.

Neurotris is a multi-signal system which optimises the output based on your individual skin at the time of treatment. The results are faster and last longer.

How many do I need?

Regular monthly treatments. For the best cumulative and effective results, a series of twice weekly treatments can be recommended.

How does this feel?

Stimulating! You have to try this!

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