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Awesome Japanese Foot Massage

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Feet have always held a fascination for me, especially when I learnt that there are so many nerve endings and sensitive points that trigger an effect in the rest of the body. Feet are not to be shoved into your shoes, neglected and over-used, then brought out for parade in the summer. Roll them around on a knobbly roller or spiky massage ball and you’ll get some instant relief emanating from your feet into your whole body.

Foot massage goes back thousands of years to India, China and Japan. In China, it was linked to Traditional Chinese Medicine which believed that every part of your body is mapped out on the foot and to alleviate pain in the body, you would massage the corresponding area of the foot. This has now become popular as reflexology and other foot massages have incorporated some of the Chinese techniques into their routines. In ancient Japan, travelers used to arrive at inns to be greeted with a wash and foot massage. This helped to re-balance their energy and well-being and became a tradition. Even now, if you travel to Asia and the Far East, you will find foot massage is very popular.

In my Japanese Foot Massage treatment, I incorporate aspects of Chinese medicine, namely the importance of balancing the energies in the body. We all have pathways of energy running through our bodies which follow a line called a meridian. Each meridian is associated with an organ and along these meridians are specific points. The meridian lines can be stroked, rubbed, or the points can be pressed or tapped to affect the associated organ. This action initiates a healing process within the body and reduces stress and anxiety.

If nothing else relaxes you, then the foot massage will.


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