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Top Tips For Healthy Feet (Part 2)

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

This follows on from my previous post to achieving the awesome feet you've always wanted to maintain.

TIP #6

Callus file. I’ve tried many a foot file, rasp and even callus remover lotions in my time and the best one I’ve found is the Microplane Colossal foot file. You may recognise the name Microplane from cheese graters. They branched out and entered the pedicure market.

They may cost more than your normal foot file, but they’re worth it. Only a small amount of pressure is needed to remove hard skin on the heels and soles, then to clean it’s easy to wash. Microplane also do a foot paddle which is a smaller version and good for getting into awkward areas but for the general sole, the Colossal is more comfortable to use.

TIP #7

Foot scrub. A foot scrub isn’t just for pedicures, it’s for life! Not really, it’s just for your home routine as part of your good grooming. The scrub softens hard skin but doesn’t take it off as effectively as a Microplane. However, it does get rid of rough, cracked or dry skin and is good maintenance if you are prone to the odd callus.

I find that any of the scrubs from the CND pedicure ranges are effective at loosening dead skin but not too rough that you can over-scrub, plus they also leave the skin nicely moisturised. There’s the Marine Salt Scrub with sea salt, the Sea Scrub with crystals and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) to exfoliate, then the Earth Warming Scrub which contains raw sugar and AHAs.

TIP #8

Cream. Take your pick from the plethora of foot creams and body creams out on the market. Anything that will keep your feet smooth and moisturised will do, as long as you apply regularly. Best thing is to keep your cream beside your bed so at night, the last thing you do is moisturise your feet. However, if you have cracked, very dry or scaly skin and normal foot creams won’t work, here are a few suggestions.

German skincare brand Dermaviduals works on the premise that if you repair the uppermost layer of skin the stratum corneum, many skin barrier disorders can be resolved. All creams in the range mimic the structure of this outer layer of skin so they all restore and strengthen it. Oleogel is a solid oil which liquefies on contact with the skin. Its concentration of active ingredients means a little goes a long way. Use in your very dry areas and deep cracks such as the heels. Or mix with avocado oil to make a rich massage medium. From the same brand, Hydrating Lotion (aka Lotion N) is a moisturiser in spray form. It is a light lotion with a high oil content, ideal for massaging into the feet to achieve smooth skin.

It’s especially good if you have dry or cracked skin between the toes. (Hydrating Lotion is essentially a face moisturiser, so you can use it on your face as well.)

The world’s first pediceutical foot care line made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients, the Footlogix Mousse formulas infuse moisturising properties deep into the skin so hydrating the layers of the epidermis rather than just sitting on top. There are mousse formulas for general moisturising as well as for very dry feet and cracked heels.

TIP #9

Regular pedicures. This can be done in a salon or by yourself at home. If the latter, the idea is not so much to beautify your nails with colour but to ensure your nails are kept short or filed, the cuticles pushed back so they don’t tear, hard or rough skin dealt with and, lastly, to check for any changes in the feet.

TIP #10

Foot support. I know it’s difficult when you’re a follower of fashion to think about good support for your feet but honestly, too much time spent in flip flops can be as damaging as too much time spent in high heels. Absolutely flat shoes such as flip flops don’t give your arches or heels any support and the resulting pain can be pretty intense. So, vary your shoes regularly. Isn’t that why we have several pairs?

TIP #11

Just to give value for money, here’s an extra.

Due diligence. It’s easy to take notice of your feet in hot weather, but in cooler environments, we get used to shoving them into footwear and peering at them as if they’re on the end of a bargepole. Get used to looking at them, touching them, exercising them, moisturising them.

Remember, good health starts with good feet.

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