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How to Treat Back Acne

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Back acne, AKA Bacne is a major pain in the proverbials. It lives for the attention, a sore, red (or white) mass of spots that sprout in the hardest to reach places and then set up camp for months. Bacne is a major embarrassment, almost more so than face acne because you can’t actually see it close up yourself but everyone else can!

Another trouble with having a spotty back is you have to remember to be really nice to your flatmate, partner or family. They are the ones who have to touch your back to apply treatment lotions. Alternatively, you learn to be really flexible.

It’s tempting to want to scrub it all off like a man/woman possessed. Most times, you break open the spot, spread the bacteria around and weeks later another one appears. You can also damage the skin in the process and leave it feeling sore. DON’T SCRUB.

Enter two products which could change your back forever. Environ’s AVST Body Oil is packed with a high concentration of vitamin A and anti-oxidant vitamins C and E. It helps to renew the skin, balance the oils, heal the skin and feed the cells with vitamin A. Acne skins are usually deficient in vitamin A, so this is great for maintaining good skin once your acne is under control.

The second product is Environ’s AVST Dermalac Lotion. A very light formula which absorbs very easily into the skin, this contains alpha hydroxy acids which help encourage the natural exfoliation of your skin, and smooth the bumpy, rough texture you often get with back acne.

You can use either of these products on your back, but for best results, use both. If your back is particularly bad, or you have a combination of acne and dry skin, use both. They are very light in texture and runny, so not like a cream. Best to ask a friend to help you. See paragraph 2 above.

With the AVST Body Oil, your skin might go through an initial reaction period before the cells start to normalise. This is due to the concentration of vitamin A and super absorbency of the oil. The reaction could be dryness, sore skin or itchiness. This is why you should only buy your Environ products from an authorised Environ stockist as they can supervise you through the course of your treatment.


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