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What's In a Pedicure?

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Do you remember these? These tiny little garra rufa fish would nibble away at the hard skin on your feet? I really loved the idea so I was sad when this little known species used in spas across the Far East suddenly became big business in the UK. You almost couldn't turn a high street corner without seeing a Fish Pedicure place.

As trends go, this one became a distant memory. I wonder if snail facials will go the same way? Still, the good old pedicure has lasted and will continue to do so. Why? One because it works and secondly, there's nothing more relaxing than having your feet worked on in a safe environment.

There's a lot to do in a professional pedicure. It's the only treatment where I line up all my instruments and lotions in working order so I don't forget something.

1) Your feet may or may not be soaked depending on whether you're having the rapid pedicure or the long, languishing version.

2) Your feet are checked for hard skin, callouses, dry, flaky bits and removed.

3) Toenails are cut and filed and hangnails clipped.

4) You might have a scrub applied. Not great if you're ticklish but fantastic for getting rid of flaky bits and moisturising to the skin.

5) Some places apply a mask. Our feet are generally neglected, barely get attention so a mask is the ultimate luxury for them. I myself prefer heated booties only because I love the heat. Some salons may combine the both.

6) My favourite bit is the massage. Although the rest of the pedicure is necessary pampering for the feet, this part of the treatment is necessary for the soul!

7) Nail colour, the fun bit. You express yourself and what you want through the colour you choose for your toenails.

Always remember to take your flip-flops or easy to put on sandals. I have had people come for their pre-holiday pedicure with their boots and socks. If you're having nail colour applied, this will take 1 hour to be just about touch safe and several more to be absolutely sock safe.


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