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Facts About Tanning - Part One

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

  1. Don’t spray perfume or aftershave onto an area of skin that’s going to be exposed to sun as these products act as a photosensitiser. You are more likely to get pigmentation marks or a burn.

  2. If you use a sunscreen with a high SPF, you can still get a tan … eventually.

  3. If you’re worried about sun damage on your face and neck but want to top up your vitamin D levels, apply sunscreen to just face and neck and expose other areas!

  4. Sunbeds block out UVB rays which means you can tan without burning. However, they let in mainly UVA rays which means you age! Faster!

  5. A tan booster gives you a tan but it gives you no protection from burning or ageing.

  6. Same with the tan from a sunbed. Although you are bronzed, it still gives you no protection from the sun.

  7. It can take 6 hours sometimes for redness and burning to show on your skin after sun exposure so be aware that if you don’t see any redness immediately, it doesn’t mean you’ve not burnt.

  8. Materials are excellent sun blocks. However, if you wear see-through clothing like sheer fabric, these still let in UV so you can burn.

  9. When you’re out in the pool or the sea, don’t think the sun can’t get to you under the water. 75% of UV rays can penetrate through water up to 30 feet.

  10. Sad news if you like to be outside with white buildings and white paving. More than 45% of UV rays reflect off white buildings. If you’re sitting on the sand under a shady umbrella, sand reflects about 25% of UV rays. Sitting on the grass under shade is the best option as that reflects just 3% of UV.

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