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Electro Magnetic Fields and how to live in balance with them

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Qu 1. Which of these would you prefer to use?

a) Cabled headphones

b) Wireless headphones

c) Wireless earbuds/earpods

Qu 2. Which of the above is more harmful to your brain?

I remember way back in the 1990s when I was working from home. We were labelled homeworkers. I was also a hot-desker, referring to me taking whichever desk was available when I came into the office, as opposed to me sparking ardent interest with my conservative office outfit.

Now, WFH (where the acronym has more syllables than the words) is a global reality; one that is made smooth and seamless by the wonderful technology that surrounds us 24/7. Whether driven by our thirst for knowledge, the latest meme or game, we cannot live without these devices, they have become our crutch in life. Who can go out for a relaxing walk and knowingly leave your phone at home? We look at what we eat, follow warnings about carbs, sugar, fat and how many g of salt per day. But what are the warnings given for EMF devices? Apart from having to stand a foot away from your induction hob (I didn’t know that either!), we’re told they’re safe.

Then I delved into this underworld market of items that protect us against radiation levels given off by our routers, PCs, headphones, etc. There are laptop cases, phone cases although there are discussions over whether these deflect radiation from reaching you or block it altogether! What interested me was a sticker that claimed to reduce the radiation effects on us. Another EMF sticker? Nothing new. However, what was different was the tests that the company did to prove theirs worked. Called the ORB sticker, short for Omnia Radiation Balancer, it was used in muscle testing and flexibility testing. And the water test. 7 minutes usage of a mobile phone next to a cup of water with and without a sticker. The results of how the water structured itself in these tests was quite amazing! With exposure to radiation and with the sticker, the water structure was similar to the baseline sample. The same test without the ORB sticker and it’s like you’re looking at a completely different substance.

A separate test using live blood analysis produced similar results. Radiation from a mobile phone with the ORB sticker and the blood cells were regularly spaced out as in the baseline sample. The same without the sticker and they appear like cylindrical worms as the cells stick together. Our red blood cells stick together when we have an immunity condition or as a reaction to antibodies. Do they really do the same when exposed to mobile phone radiation? For only 20 minutes?

How does the ORB sticker work? Embedded in this deceptively simple object is a unit of energy called the deca unit. It is programmed to bring the radiation field of an EMF device into balance, and in following the law of resonance, our electrical fields within our bodies are also brought into balance.

Watch a 14 min video presentation on the ORB sticker.

Read about radiation levels from your favourite devices. I’ve chosen these 2 sites because they have good articles, especially easy to understand if you’re not a physicist.

Answer to Qu 2.

Cabled headphones emit less EMF, not the wireless type. Wireless headphone and earbuds give off about as much as a mobile phone but the amount of radiation you receive depends on how long you have them on your head. Earbuds snuggle into the ear, sending EMF signals into your brain’s soft tissue.

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