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Bespoke Skin Solutions

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

I know I’m still an aromatherapist at heart. Even though I don’t have a good ‘nose’, I blend accordingly to how I feel on the day about the person sitting in my room and I stock weird oils that no-one’s heard of, Tamanu being my current favourite. I used Argan oil years ago when it was relatively unknown, before it became the next best thing (and before the price unfortunately rose!). I do weird experiments with butters and beeswax, I have an enthusiastic collection of dark bottles and I know the Latin names of most of my oils off by heart. So yes, I can’t get the aromatherapist out of me!

That’s partly what drew me to the Dermaviduals range. From Germany, pure active forms of vitamins and botanicals are used, with no colours, fragrance, preservatives, parabens or emulsifiers. It complements other ranges so well or stands on its own and best of all, I can create bespoke blends. What is right for you may not be right for the next person. What is right for you now in winter may not be as suitable for you in the summer. And if you are loyal to your Environ, Dauphin or Caudalie but feel at times you need something extra, what better than to add a bespoke serum, cream or mask to your routine?

I can make up a desquamating mask, which is a gentle, active version of an exfoliator. I can put together a serum to wake up the tired eye area when you’re not sleeping well. Even better, my treatments have evolved to become totally bespoke. If I am doing a face massage in the facial, I will use a blend of oils from my selection. Argan oil, rosehip oil, both wonderful for anti-ageing; flaxseed oil, slightly pungent but ideal for restoring omega oils to inflamed skin; tamanu, the antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-microbial all-round healing oil.

LED photo therapy is becoming more well known. Our skin can absorb light and convert it into energy so light energy can be used to increase cell regeneration and initiate healing. I use the Omnilux LED with a concentrated blend of Dermaviduals actives as the light increases their delivery into cells, so enhancing their potency. In some cases, I will use the sonophoresis (soundwaves) or iontophoresis from my Environ machine to increase absorption of vitamins and actives into the skin. Or I will apply steam with a desquamating lotion to give a mild dermabrasion effect if your skin is particularly congested. If you stay for the 1.5 hr facial, you can be treated to a Japanese face massage which includes Japanese Amma movements, acupressure and lymph drainage. Or finish with Gua Sha to revitalize the skin.


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