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Reactions to Micro Needling

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Sooner or later, an article comes up that scares us about our health or beauty. I’m thinking of the vitamin C connection with cancer scare a few years ago, or the various ones we’ve had over why we shouldn’t eat cheese, bread or potatoes.

Although dermal rolling or micro needling is popular, it is still regarded with suspicion by some. They were originally created by Dr Des Fernandes, the creator of Environ. The idea behind this was that in surgery, the needles made tiny holes in the skin, puncturing down through the layers. This ‘injury’ prompted the fibroblasts to start producing collagen which is the protein responsible for giving our skin the plumpness, softness and elasticity that we wish to maintain. The second benefit of the needling was to allow any ingredients that were applied to the skin to be absorbed in through the holes, so increasing their effectiveness. Dr Des later adjusted the model of the dermal needle for home use. This and the surgical model has since been copied many times and it is easy to buy a needling device on the internet or in a beauty shop.

Some have questioned the safety of micro needling. The problem lies partly in whether you are rough or heavy handed while needling (you shouldn't be). The second part is what you put on afterwards. If you buy your home device from a reputable brand and you use it according to the instructions, all well and good. If you thereafter apply a cream that has colouring, fragrance or preservatives, therein lies your problem. After needling, including home needling, you should only apply products that are recommended to you by a professional who sells the device or does the treatment, or who understands the importance that what goes in should prolong the benefits of the treatment, not spoil it.

The brands that I stock are created by doctors who know they have to be safe post needling, post laser and post surgery. All this leaves me wondering when we’re going to see warnings pop up in the papers over the need for needling.

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