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Award Winning SPF Make-up

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Although we should all wear an SPF all year around because we still get UV rays coming through on a cloudy dull day, I recognize that most people still associate SPF with sunny days.

What better way than to combine a high quality, water resistant SPF with the light coverage of a finishing powder?

The Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen is a mineral powder with water-resistant and broad spectrum SPF.

  • It is a lightweight formula and gives UVA and UVB protection,

  • It doubles as a transclucent face powder and sunscreen all in one.

  • In terms of powder quality, it gives good coverage for rosacea and pigmented skin.

  • It helps to even out skin tone, mattifies the skin and you can re-apply it during the day.

  • Each time you re-apply, you are topping up the SPF coverage so you’re protecting your skin against ageing.

  • Best of all, the brush is the best quality I have come across!

Over the years, I’ve spent loads of money on make-up brushes: kabuki, blusher and powder brushes, sometimes even up to £36 for one brush. The brush dispenser with the Sunforgettable is soft, comfortable and long lasting. You'll actually want to keep it once the powder has gone, it's that good!

Sunforgettable comes in 2 ranges: SPF30 in 3 translucent shades of fair, medium and dark. SPF50 in shade medium.


Colorescience is a premier luxury mineral make-up brand that contains no talc, no dyes, no chemical sunscreens, but does contain high levels of zinc and titanium (physical sunscreens) plus pure mineral formulas that don’t clog pores. Diane Ranger invented mineral make-up in 1977 and founded Bare Escentuals. She later left Bare Escentuals, created powder sunscreen in 2004 and founded Colorescience, a mineral make-up range for the 21st century that is beneficial for the skin.


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