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LED For Ultimate Anti-Ageing

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

I’ve always been fascinated by treatments which are natural and act with the body’s defense and repair mechanisms. LED is no different. Known by other names: photo therapy, photo rejuvenation, photo-modulation, or light therapy, it is an alternative to laser and infra-red for anti-wrinkle, ageing and acne treatments. Unlike laser or IPL, it does not generate heat within the skin so it cannot damage tissue and there is no downtime. Depending on their wavelengths, LED can be used to target and treat the skin in different ways, as different cells in the skin are set to absorb and react to these differing wavelengths.

LED light stimulates the skin to produce collagen, increase cell energy, thereby encouraging better hydration. It promotes wound healing, so is ideal for post-operative recovery. It improves skin tone and is anti-inflammatory. It can be used with Botox and fillers to prolong their effect, laser resurfacing and other cosmetic procedures to aid recovery.

Why do I need LED?

As we get older, our collagen production starts to slow. This is what keeps our skin plump and moist. As if we didn’t need any help with this slowdown, UV light accelerates the degradation and damages the cells that produce collagen and elastin. LED therapy targets those cells which repair, regenerate and reproduce the collagen.


Omnilux LED is based on over 12 years of medical research. Its claims to repair the skin are backed by a decade of medical evidence, it is used extensively worldwide in the medical community. From being the 1st light machine launched in the UK to the current market leader (still), Omnilux ensures a pure, optimum light. The right light dose is always delivered to the skin, the right wavelength always successfully activates the target cells. It always uses the right intensity to ensure efficient tissue response.

The Omnilux Revive delivers red light at 633nm to rejuvenate skin and stimulate collagen production. It can be used to treat mild to moderate acne and cystic acne.

The Omnilux Plus uses near Infra Red light at 830nm. It harnesses the body’s natural ability to heal and repair wounded tissue. Good for treating periorbital wrinkles and psoriasis.

What will I feel?

The Omnilux lamp, especially the Revive, will feel warm, like sitting on a beach but without the damaging UV. The light will feel very bright and you are advised to wear the eye goggles, although eye surgeons do use Omnilux LED to speed recovery after eye surgery.

The LED program will last 20 minutes and is very relaxing.

How many do I need?

LED has a cumulative response on the skin. You can have it as a one-off treatment although you will see better results after a course of treatments.


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