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5 Clean Habits to Adopt

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Patrick Holford says that it takes 3 weeks to break an old habit, 6 weeks to form a new habit and 36 to hardwire that habit. To endure those 36 weeks, you either need a good support group around you, you need to find your ‘why’ or inspiration, or you’re just shocked into forming a new habit.

Here are some habits which which I hope will either give you your ‘why’ or will just shock you.

1. Put the toilet lid down when you flush

How many times do women complain about toilet seats being left up? Actually there is a very good incentive to lower not just the seat but the lid as well. If the lid is up when you flush the chain, clouds of germs will project into the air and land on any nearby surface. Think projectile emissions. And “nearby surface” includes you. So once the lid is down, keep it that way and the females will be happy.

2. Clean your phone

So many of us spend hours every day with our face glued to our phone. Sweat, oil and bacteria accumulate on it so it makes sense to clean often.

3. Wash your hands after touching eggs

I have to remind my kids every so often: ‘where do eggs come from?’

Answer: the bottom of a chicken.

4. Clean anything to do with your face

Wash your make-up brushes and applicators and clean your shaving implements. With make-up brushes for example, you are not just transferring powder from 5 days ago onto fresher powder, it is also the grease, dead skin and bacteria that you transfer across. Aim to wash all applicators once a week in warm soapy water. If this sounds too much for you, then invest in a brush cleaner. If you use a face cloth to remove your cleanser, make sure you wash often. Have more than one in stock so you have no excuse.

5. Brush your tongue and don’t rinse after brushing

Millions of bacteria live on our tongue which can be a cause of bad breath so it’s good to brush the tongue. Some people swear by tongue scrapers while others go with the good old toothbrush to do the job. When you’ve finished brushing your teeth, spit but don’t rinse. Rinsing with water will wash out the fluoride which you want to keep in your mouth. It fights oral bacteria and strengthens your teeth.

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