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Environ Revival Masque - The Reviews!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

This breakthrough product was the brainchild of Dr Des Fernandes, creator of Environ skin care. He wanted to make something that was pretty excellent, ground-breaking, outstanding and, best of all, give results to those people who are serious about skincare. In his own words, this is a “face lift in a bottle”.

Launched in November 2014, here is what the movers and shakers of the beauty world had to say about it.

Grazia's Beauty Director, Liz Hambleton, writes a glowing review in her weekly blog about the Environ range after attendance of the Revival Masque press breakfast. "If i'm ever asked to recommend one product that will make the biggest difference to skin I always say the same thing; Environ AVST Moisturiser. Still something of an insider secret, it's brilliant for anyone wanting to improve skin texture, clarity, scarring and overall radiance. I discovered it after a stubborn bout of adult acne and couldn't be without it now. Just this week I met with Environ who revealed their latest super skin saver - Intensive Revival Masque. A potent treatment mask applied at night. I'm currently trying it out so will keep you posted on my progress...#tenyearsyoungerliz

"The new home treatment masque aims to exploit gentle natural regenerative processes, that don't result in damage or scarring, perfect for those salons and spa clients for whom a real facelift is a step too far."

Glamour Magazine's Beauty Director, Alessandra Steinherr, lists Revival Masque as one of the beauty products she's tried, tested and LOVED this week. "I've been in three different times zones this week and it would show in my face if I hadn't used this Revival Masque. It feels like a really light gel face cream and within 10 minutes lifts, plumps and hydrates for an amazing glow."

ES Magazine, December 2014:

The Revival Masque is included in a feature recommending the best skincare products to rejuvenate partied-out skin. "Sensational if your skin is in need of intensive care: helps to stimulate growth factors and cell renewal."

Heart FM, December 2014:

"10 things we're loving this month

Revival Masque is recommended as the perfect product to make your skin look its radiant best over the Christmas period.

"This mask is gentle enough to be used on most skin types and can be left on the face overnight. Just like having a spa at home."

Grazia, January 2015:

The Next Big Beauty Thing

Revival Masque is listed as one of the best new breakthrough beauty products to get you glowing and gorgeous in 2015. "Night masques are nothing new, but Environ's innovative new masque-cream hybrid blows others out of the water. Rather than causing the skin to peel like many potent anti-ageing resurfacers, the Intensive Revival Masque harnesses a trio of potent acids to lower the pH levels of the skin, helping to repair, resurface and hydrate without flaky aftermath."

Cotswold Style, February 2015:

Mind, Body & Soul

Revival Masque was included in Cotswold Style's shortlist of thier favourite winter facial products. "This product will lighten pigmentation and reduce lines and wrinkles, making skin tighter, smoother, more radiant and younger looking, Our tester is a huge fan of Environ and said she wasn't disappointed by this deeply penetrating masque. She agrees with the company line that it is like a face lift in a bottle."

Harpers Bazaar, March 2015:

Uplifting ideas

Harper's Bazaar features Revival Masque as one of the latest facial potions making a difference in the battle against ageing. "As with general ageing concerns, preventable measures, such as always wearing an SPF, not smoking and eating a healthy diet will slow the breakdown of collagen and keep the skin taut. While regular face creams can add moisture and temporarily plump the skin, the results are superficial. That said, some creams make more of a difference than others. Environ's new launch, Revival Masque, boosts the skin’s natural growth factors.”

Good Housekeeping, March 2015:

Good Housekeeping recommends Revival Masque as one of the latest beauty finds you’ll want to try. “Use twice a week for notably brighter, smoother skin. Testers with sun-damaged skin reported marked tightening and clarity.”

Marie Claire, April 2015:

2015's beauty game-changers

Revival Masque is featured as one of 2015's beauty game-changers in Marie Claire's Beauty Power List. "The Skin Changer - If you thought a face mask couldn't change your skin, you need to get your hands on this."


This is sooooo long-lasting it's unbelievable! Everyone who's bought one comes back for another one a year later, it takes them that long to get through one jar. I've had mine open since beginning of the summer, we're now in October and I've hardly made a dent. My skin does look so much fresher after use and the next day.


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